Share your story about Envirolet Toilets

We are real people and this is our real story. Why would we go to the work of creating this website? Well, frankly we’re angry and disappointed!

We lost over $20,000 – and countless hours digging through human feces, disputing charges with the credit card company, contacting Envirolet, dealing with plumbers, electricians, etc. – on everything related to these toilets. And there’s more expenses yet to come in dealing with getting rid of these worthless things.

Have you had a similar experience with Envirolet / Sancor you want to share? We’d be happy to include it on our site.

We are forming a group for a class action lawsuit against this company. We have already gathered other customers who have suffered similar losses. Maybe if enough of us work together we can get this company to compensate us! Even if we’re unable to assemble enough people and funds to sue Envirolet, we would like to share your story with the intention of helping steer others away from making the same mistake we did.

We appreciate you.